Get back to a full head of great looking, natural hair and the style you want.

Virtual Reality Non-Surgical Hair Restoration for Men



For the first time you can have the same real, non-surgical hair loss solution used by Hollywood stars, on and off the screen with the full head of hair you want and the style you want after your very first session. Virtual Reality is Hollywood endorsed and recognized by the international media!

And Genesis II Hair Replacement Studio is the only studio in the Syracuse, New York area that is authorized to offer Virtual Reality Hair Replacement for Men. And your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Virtual Reality, unlike a traditional hairpiece, becomes part of you — not something you wear. The technique involves applying an invisible, non surgical derma-lens, like a contact lens into which human hair is inserted, compatible in color, density, curl pattern, texture, etc. Resulting in the Virtual Reality hair restoration that revives your youthful appearance and looks totally natural.

There is essentially no home maintenance other than washing, conditioning and normal styling. And you can forget about worrying about bright lighting, or going out in the rain, or checking the mirror every five minutes.  And whenever you travel nationwide, there is a Virtual Reality Men’s Hair Replacement center there to assist you.

Virtual Reality Hair Technology comes to the rescue…

Virtual Reality’s derma lens is an undetectable “second skin,” a porous membrane that looks just like your scalp, feels just like your scalp, and holds hair just like your real scalp. Even you will wonder if it’s real! Virtual Reality exactly duplicates your hair type, matching your hair color, texture, style and length. Your hair can be thick, thin, curly, straight, light, dark, whatever. The density and patterns look and feel right for you.

Virtual Reality Hair is affordable, comfortable, brushable. There are no bumps, no visible edge, no tape, no comb-overs, no worries. Virtual Reality Hair has the touch and look of your own hair.


Hair Replacement For Men Syracuse

At Genesis II Hair Replacement Studio in Syracuse, New York, we offer:

      • Affordable hair replacement services custom designed to your individual baldness and hair loss solution requirements.
      • All credible and proven hair loss treatment solutions for men, women and children
      • The very finest 100% human hair wigs and women’s hair replacement and integration systems
      • A free, no obligation hair loss and scalp evaluation
      • Discreet, dignified and confidential service
      • A team of quality trained and experienced hair loss specialists
      • Professional, one-on-one personal service
      • Totally private styling rooms for both men and women


Get the answers you need to all your questions about your personal hair loss concerns. Contact us today to schedule your free, private, confidential hair loss evaluation and to speak to one of our highly skilled hair restoration professionals and see for yourself how much you have to gain. As always, there is no cost or obligation.