Beautiful Wigs for Women with Alopecia or Undergoing Chemotherapy

CANCER. The word alone creates fear and confusion. Patients face not only the uncertainty of their disease, but the anxiety of treatment. Finding the right wig is important for not only affects how you view yourself, how you look at life and how others view you. Our highest quality medical wigs give women the confidence to socialize with family and friends, and carry on their professional lives while maintaining as much privacy about their hair loss condition or treatments as they wish. Unlike fashion wigs found in retail stores or at the mall, our exclusive line of Reallusions medical wigs and hair prosthetics is specifically designed for the woman with little or no hair. It may be either partially or totally hand tied, with a smaller cap and a base that is specifically designed so as not to irritate a sensitive scalp.

Medical Wigs vs. Fashion Wigs

Let’s face it: We’ve all see examples of really bad wigs. Wigs have received a bad reputation. And in may cases they have deserved it, not having been designed, manufactured, or styled to the highest standards. Unfortunately, the hair replacement business is one in which you only notice bad quality workmanship. Quality craftsmanship is never seen, because it looks so natural. We have worked very hard to make sure that our wigs and hair replacement systems are of the very highest quality — in design, craftsmanship and styling. That’s why we offer only the finest 100% human hair wigs. Because in the final analysis, it’s all about how it looks on you, and whether anybody can tell that it’s not your own natural growing hair. Our medical quality wigs are designed for a totally natural and completely undetectable appearance; from the amount of hair in the cap, to how the hair moves when the wig is worn. A personally customized medical wig must also offer greater comfort, being lighter and cooler than wigs found off-the-shelf in retail fashion outlets. Whether the hair is natural or synthetic, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail makes all the difference.


Choosing the right wig or hair prosthesis can be challenging.  Will it look natural? Will I be able to do the things I normally do and not worry about how my hair looks?  Will I be able to maintain a sense of privacy while I undergo my treatments?  We encourage you to contact us today and make an appointment to visit with a Genesis II hair loss specialist who will work one-on-one with you to address all your hair concerns.  Your consultation is free, and there is no obligation whatsoever. Call us today at Genesis II Hair Replacement Studio in Syracuse, New York.