HolidaysFor some, the holidays are a joyous time to be spent with loving families to make heartwarming memories. For others, it is very stressful as they run around planning parties, dealing with difficult family members and worrying about affording the perfect presents. For many, this time of year is both fun and stressful, full of excited energy and special moments, but with the worry of making sure it all goes off without a hitch. People are spread very thin in general during the holidays, and sometimes, it can actually cause revelers to lose hair.

Telogen Effluvium

Telogen Effluvium is a fancy way of saying temporary hair loss. The layman’s term for this is excessive shedding. It basically means when some external factor, like holiday stress, causes your hair to fall out for a period of time. People who get this condition around the time that Frosty starts to sing his tune usually have other health indications that are a risk for hair loss, like poor nutrition or a hormonal imbalance. So, keeping your cool while roasting chestnuts could mean that your hair will look better in keepsake holiday photos.

Cortisol and Hair Loss

Some people believe that excessive shedding is caused by the elevated cortisol levels in the body created by stressful situations. Studies on mice showed that higher cortisol levels caused hair loss. Elevated cortisol isn’t only bad for your scalp. It can also cause high blood pressure and lower bone density and immune system malfunction, among other negative side effects.

Other Stress-Related Hair Loss Conditions

Trichotillomania is a disorder in which a person has the impulse to pull out their hair. This condition is often triggered by stress and anxiety, which can be in full swing during the holidays. Alopecia areata is a mysterious hair loss condition that causes bald patches, or full baldness. While most specialists believe, this disorder is genetic, some research shows that stress may exacerbate the condition, meaning it is especially important for those with alopecia areata to keep their cool and sip an egg nog when they feel the holiday stress building.

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“Stressed Tresses” Will Holiday Stress Lead to Hair Loss?