WigsWigs are extremely popular these days, but you probably never even considered that idea due to the fact that they look so natural, especially when worn by top celebrities. Why do celebrities turn to hair pieces for hair replacement so often? Fashion icons need to be able to change their look as often as possible to keep the tabloids and fashion mags interested, and wigs allow them to go from a short- cropped hairstyle to long and flowing locks in a matter of moments. Which celebs are the ones wearing wigs? We’ve got the dish.

  1. Lady Gaga

Mother Monster, as she is sometimes known, is always wearing something new and completely wacky, and often uses wigs to achieve completion of her look. For example, in 2015 she wanted to drastically change her hair color from brunette to silver for a red-carpet look. Bleaching her hair so heavily could have damaged it, so she went with a flowing wig instead and rocked the look! Plus, she is always wearing wigs during performances, like a larger-than-life brunette-colored hairpiece that she can fling around like a heavy metal head banger.

  1. Rihanna

Rihanna is a mistress of hair change, and every time you see her, she might be wearing some kind of hair extension or wig. A fan favorite was when she wore a bright green wig for a photo shoot in early 2017 to pose in NYC with some graffiti. Since it was outdoors in The Big Apple, the paparazzi was there to capture her wig glory.

  1. Sia

Sia is a wonderful singer who is famous for not showing her face at all, and instead wears a series of almost comical wigs that hide her face. She didn’t always hide behind a wig, but at some point, in her career she decided that she didn’t want fame — she wanted to stay a mystery to her fans. Plus, now she can go to the store and not get recognized.

  1. Kylie Jenner

Ms. Jenner has skyrocketed to fame as a model and member of a famous family. She is a completely modern fashion icon. She told the media that she loves to change her hair so much and dying it so frequently damages it, so she uses wigs as a way to save her natural locks a bit. She even bragged about how amazing her “wig guy” is in online interviews! Now, that explains how she can go from brunette to blonde to green haired in a matter of days.

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Photo Credit: antjeverena Via Flickr Creative Commons





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