clean scalpAs the new year begins, resolve to start with a clean scalp to make your hair healthier and more attractive. Overall, it’s pretty easy to get your scalp clean. Most people will only need to choose specific products.

Only use sulfate-free products

Some of the shampoos and other hair products that you use probably contain sulfates. Companies include sulfates in their shampoos to create a rich lather that makes you feel like you’re getting really clean.

Unfortunately, sulfates can strip away the natural oils your scalp needs to stay healthy. Sulfates are so strong that they can strip color from color-treated hair.

You may miss the lather that you get with most shampoos, but you’ll have a healthier and clean scalp once you switch to sulfate-free options.

Use hair products that contain PDMS

Polydimethylsiloxane may sound scary, but it can actually help clean your scalp and bring out your hair’s best features. PDMS is a kind of silicone oil that coats hair. When you use a shampoo that contains PDMS, the silicone oil protects your hair and makes it shiny.

The downside to PDMS is that it can build up over time. Alternate between a PDMS and a non-PDMS shampoo to find the right balance.

Use a scalp brush

Shampoos, even the sulfate-free types, can leave small amounts of soap on your scalp. Over time, the buildup may start to cause dandruff or itchiness.

Washing your hair with a scalp brush removes that unwanted buildup, so you can enjoy healthier skin.

If you’ve never used a scalp brush before, follow these directions:

Wash your hair as you would normally.

Brush the shampoo through your hair, paying particular attention to any oily areas.

Rinse your hair.

In addition to removing buildup, you’ll stimulate blood flow to your scalp to make it even healthier. Each time you use the brush, you’ll feel like you just left your favorite salon.

Try a DIY scalp clarifier

You don’t have to buy expensive hair products to keep your scalp clean and beautiful. Many people rely on do-it-yourself scalp clarifiers that work wonders.

To wash buildup from your scalp, mix one part vinegar with two parts warm water. Run the mixture through your hair and let it sit for two to five minutes. Rinse it out with cold water.

If you have substantial buildup, mix castile soap with one tablespoon of baking soda. Massage the mixture into your scalp; leave it in for about five minutes and rinse.

Getting a cleaner scalp is one of the easiest resolutions that you can make for the new year. Once you have the right products, you’ll adjust quickly.

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