AlexisWhen Alexis was about 15 years old she was diagnosed with Alopecia. Alopecia is a hair loss condition that millions of people struggle with worldwide. At this very young age Alexis and her mom decided become proactive and sought out hair restoration solutions for her, which is what brought them to Genesis II. How does Alexis feel about her mom’s decision to pick up the phone and call Genesis II? We’ll let her tell you.

Sometimes in life we get the cards that we want and sometimes we are given the cards we would rather throw back in and try for another! I know exactly how both those cards feel and I can tell you whole heartedly that I wouldn’t throw my card with Alopecia back in, because what this has taught me is something so much bigger than what I thought it ever would, and who this has lead me too, is even greater.

I never thought all those years ago when I was at one of the lowest points in my life would I meet a family that took such pride and tenderness in taking care of such a fragile person, that not only was it their professional mission but personal mission to make me feel better than I have ever felt before, and to make me feel whole again!

No matter how many times I have battled with my alopecia, sometimes daily, sometimes it comes and goes in waves, my Genesis II family never lets it define me, never lets it get a chance to break me, they are there ready willing and able to help me feel better than 100% each and every time! If you ask me I got the best card that so many people would choose to throw back, because I am living proof that there are people willing to help and willing to take time and care for someone and do something so selfless, people always ask me why do I talk about this or why do I share my story, because if I can make one other person feel the way that the Genesis II Family has made me feel over these years it is so worth it!

I hope that you hear and see my words and know that if you are reading this for you or for a loved one, you are in the best place and that within matter of moments your life will forever be changed in the best way possible! To schedule a free hair and scalp analysis call Genesis II at (315) 458-1074 or to contact them via email click here.


Alexis (Genesis II family member for 20 years and counting)

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