hair lossFor centuries, myths regarding hair loss have been circulating in communities worldwide. While some may be true, others are completely false.

Have you heard of these crazy hair loss myths? Find out which are true and which are not. And which do you believe?

  1. Too much hair washing—or not enough!

While it is normal for some hair to fall out of your hair when washing it, the rumor that too much washing causes permanent hair loss is simply a myth. The hair that does fall out when you wash your scalp is only a fraction of what’s on your head, and a natural process for the regrowth of new follicles.

  1. Too much sun causes hair loss

While overexposure to UV rays from the sun are unhealthy for your skin, it does not cause a disruption in the production of new hair growth. The sun may alter your hair color a little, as is noticeable with brunettes who seem to turn blonder during summer. Thus, the “sun-kissed” hair fad. What does happen in your hair however, when exposed to too much sun is simply breakage caused by dryness or dullness.

  1. You should not pluck out white hair, as more will grow back

The loss of hair pigmentation is due to the natural aging process. If you pluck one out, two or three more will not grow in its place, as many old wives’ tales may state.

  1. You can avoid hair loss by standing on your head

As silly as it may sound, this myth has gone the rounds quite commonly. People seem to believe it because they think it makes sense that hair loss is caused by problems with blood flow. However, your doctor and your favorite hairdresser can tell you the truth: hair loss is caused by other truer factors. Genetics, hormones and the aging process being among the top culprits.

Remember that the best thing you can do for your hair and scalp is to treat it right. Prioritize self-care. Eat foods that are good for hair growth. Dark green, leafy vegetables and salmon are good choices for their vitamin and mineral content.

And if you do suffer from hair loss, don’t be afraid to use hair extensions, hair pieces, or get hair replacements to help your dilemma. At Genesis II, we will determine which hair loss restoration procedure is right for you. To schedule a free hair loss evaluation call us at (315) 458-1074 or to contact us via email click here.


Photo Credit: LisaRedfern Via Pixabay

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