face shapeAlthough hair loss can be challenging, it doesn’t have to represent the end of fun. Men who experience thinning hair can either use hair replacements or style their hair so it suits their face shape. They can style their hair any way they want, thanks to modern technology hair solutions.

Here’s a breakdown of the recommended hairstyles for men, depending on their face shape.

Oval-Shaped Face

Oval faces have a lot more symmetry and hardly any harsh edges. Men should complement this facial shape with a clean-shaven look, which shows off their smooth jaw line. Hair replacements include pompadours, slicked-back styles and clean cuts.

Round-Shaped Face

A man’s face that is almost as wide as it is long tends to appear rounder. He should find hair styles that add more to the top to give a lengthier appearance. Fringes, side parts and sometimes beards can do the contouring trick. However, he should stay away from bangs or blunt cuts over the eyebrows, since this may make the roundness seem fuller.

Square-Shaped Face

These men have similar shapes to men with round faces. The slight difference is that their jawline may be sharper, thus giving a square look. The best haircuts for these men are the very short styles. Even buzz cuts or military style can suit a square-shaped face. He can also try stubble or bearded looks to soften the jaw.

Oblong-Shaped Face

Men with oblong-shaped faces may have high foreheads, and their faces appear much longer than the width of their head. It is best to go with a side-swept short hair style, since longer hair lengths can make the face appear even more oblong. Beards aren’t recommended because they can make the facial structure longer.

Diamond-Shaped Face

Strong, wide cheekbones define this face shape the best. Men with diamond facial shapes can try different hair styles and lengths. They may want to look for layered hair pieces if their hair is thinning, or they can try wigs and replacements that give extra volume.

Triangle-Shaped Face

As with a triangle, the top of this man’s head appears very narrow, while his jawline may be stronger and wider. It’s good to go with hairstyles that add top-volume, such as side-swept bangs and fringes that give an angular appearance.

Which facial shape do you have? Try the styles mentioned above if you want to switch up your hairstyle for a bold, fresh look. Our hair-replacement solutions give you the opportunity to try the hairstyles you always wanted, all according to your unique facial structure. To schedule a free consultation call us today at (315) 458-1074 or to contact us via email click here.




Photo Credit: thelester Via Pixabay