coconut oilThere’s a reason why coconut oil has been all the craze year after year.

Offering so many beneficial properties, coconut oil is often a go-to ingredient for those looking to achieve healthier, luscious hair. Could it be the solution you’ve been searching for?

3 Reasons to Use Coconut Oil on Your Hair

One of the richest sources of medium chain fatty acids, it is extremely nourishing. If you would like to achieve healthier hair, while reducing your exposure to chemicals, coconut oil should certainly be on your shortlist of potential remedies.

Here are three reasons why:

  1. It moisturizes

Offering benefits to both your hair and scalp, this oil offers moisturizing properties, combatting anything from dry hair to dandruff. Helping your hair retain moisture, each strand will feel silky smooth. Conditioning from within, this remedy can also help protect against environmental damage.

  1. It reduces split ends

Have split ends, but don’t want to get your hair cut? Well, coconut oil has been shown to nourish and disguise damaged ends. Not only will this help you achieve healthier-looking hair, but also tame frizz, detangle and even protect against the sun. For deep conditioning, apply coconut oil to the tips of your hair and allow it to penetrate overnight.

  1. It can help treat lice naturally

When you first realize you have lice, you’re desperate to take immediate action. In that sense, most people reach for conventional lice treatments, which can actually damage your hair and leave you with an irritated scalp.

In comparison, coconut oil may be equally effective, without the worry. In fact, one study, published in The European Journal of Pediatrics, reported that although permethrin was shown to be effective, a coconut oil and anise spray was shown to be a significantly more effective alternative treatment.

When You SHOULDN’T Use Coconut Oil

Although the mass majority can apply coconut oil to their hair without any issues, there have been some mixed reviews in terms of users. This makes sense, as we’re all unique.

You may not have the same “type” of hair as the next person, meaning, certain oils may respond differently. A good example would be those who lack protein in their hair. In that sense, coconut oil can be highly beneficial — especially for those with fine to medium hair.

For those with very coarse, dry hair, the opposite may occur. A lack of protein may not be to blame and instead of slathering their hair with coconut oil, an oil such as argan may be more beneficial. Also, although very rare, some individuals may have an allergic reaction. Before covering your scalp, a small patch test is recommended.

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Photo Credit: ayeletphotography Via Pixabay